Greeting from principal

Our aim is to educate leaders who make differences in global society

As a professor of Kobe University, I have taught many foreign students for many years on their research work.
As a dispatch expert of Japan International Cooperation Agency, I have educated human resources for UNESCO and WHO.
I established Kobe Nichigo Japanese Language Institute hoping that students from the world to have opportunity to study in universities in Japan and have a successful career.
I strongly hope that students with passion come and learn in Kobe Nichigo and that their dreams to work on global scale come true.

Education Philosophy

Educate global leaders through teaching Japanese language

Educational Goal

Teach necessary skills and knowledge in order to go further steps for each student assisting in each dreams come true

Personal History, Principal Yoshinori Yokoo Ph.D.

1975 Ph.D. in Medicine, Kobe University, School of Medicine
1978 Assistant professor, Kobe University
1981 Assistant Professor, Doctoral Course, Natural Science, Kobe University in 1981
1983 Assistant Professor, Education Department, Kobe University
1984 Overseas dispatch experts, JICA Information Education, RECSAM, Malaysia
1989 Overseas dispatch experts, JICA Medical Cooperation, Bangkok, Thailand AIH D
1992 Professor, Database Education, International Culture Department, Kobe University
1999 Professor, Faculty of Human Science, Social Information, Kobe University
2003 Professor Emeritus, Kobe University
2011 Chairman, Senior Care Ltd. Co. providing trainings for elderly care workers and living and visiting facilities with care services for elderly persons
2018 Establishment of Kobe Nichigo Language School
Kobe Nichigo Language School is located in Amagasaki city where Hanshin Industrial Area stretches from Osaka to Kobe. Various known companies from electronics, machinery, steel, metal to Logistics and others are located in this area, maintaining its prosperity.
Quiet residential neighborhood is north of the Industrial area where our school is located. It is minutes walk from one of a major hub train station where a hub bus stations, shopping malls and various restaurants are near by. Big cities of Kobe and Osaka are just train stops away. It provides fulfilling environment for students living in Japan.
Prestigious national universities like Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe University are in regions along train lines of Hankyu and JR for our easy access. There are many private universities like Doshisha, Kansai Gakuin, Ritsumeikan, and Kansai University are also easy visits.

Kobe Nichigo Language Academy