For those who obtained student VISA in our school

All student who obtained VISA from our school will stay in school dormitory for the first 6 months to get used to the customs in Japan.
Our school dormitoris are within short walking distance from school. 3 to 4 students will live together in one apartment.
After spending 6 months in the dormitory, we will introduce a real estate agency for you to look for a place according to your preference of room plan, location, and budget.
If you have any questions when making a contract with real estate agency, please let us know we will help you.

For those who already have residency VISA.

We will introduce a realestate agency to those who already have residency status in Japan considering your preference of room style, place and budget.

We will help you if you need help when making a contract with the agency.

Our Dormitories

Women’s Dormitory

Men’s Dormitory


  • air conditioner, table and chairs
  • refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, rice cooker
  • bed, blanket and wi-fi
  • gas cooking stove
  • cooking utinsils
  • dishes and cups
  • bucket and cleaning cloth
  • indoor broom and dustpan
  • dust boxes
  • curtain
  • laundry pole
  • lighting equipment


There is a share house just 10 minutes by bicycle from our school.
In sharehouse, you share a livingroom, a kitchen and bathroom(s) with share mate.
You will have your own room.
In this sharehouse, people from the world share a house and enjoy each other’s company.

Social Residence Academia Osaka Amagasaki

J&F house Kansai2