Frequent Asked Questions

Questions about school

Questions about courses

Is there age limit to apply school?
No, there is no age limit to apply, however an applicant must be a high school graduate and have 12 years of school education.
Does school have any study area?
Yes, we have some space for students for studying.
How big is a class?
Classes are small. We have less than 20 students in one class.
When can I enter a vocational school or college?
Most schools start in April in Japan.Our school year begins in April and October.
Only some courses begin in April and others in October.Please check your entry course for the beginning month.
It is possible to enter October course if you wish to enter a graduate school as a researcher after finishing our school.
What is class schedule like? Do you have any evening or weekend courses?
We have morning course and afternoon course.
We don’t offer evening courses or weekend courses.
Is it hard to study in vocational schools?
If you like the field you are studying, you will enjoy studying in vocational schools. They are to get licenses in professional field
What language is used to teach Japanese?
We teach Japanese in Japanese using pictures and illustrations. There are instruction methods making students easy to learn. We have some teachers who can use other languages like English.
Are all teachers certified to teach?
Yes, all of our instructors are certified and professionals.

Questions about living in Japan

How much is living expenses?
For one month of healthy living, it will cost at least 20,000 to 30,000 yen for food and 30,000 to 50,000 yen for housing with utilities.
Are we able to work part time?
If you get a work permission called “Shikakugai Katsudo Kyoka Sho”, you are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week.
Q How is studying and living environment?
Our town Tsukaguchi has ranked No.1 in 2019 easiest town to live in Kansai area. Kobe Nichigo is located in a quiet residential area so we can say the environment is suitable for both living and studying.
Q What is national health insurance? Do I have to buy it?
It is a policy in Japan for all people who live in Japan to stay healthy.
If you have national health insurance, you will only have to pay 30% of your medical cost when you receive medical service in the hospital.
You are required to buy national health insurance if you stay more than 3 months in Japan
Our school staff will go to the city office with you and help you issue the health insurance when you arrive in Japan.
Make sure you bring the insurance when you go to the hospital.

Questions regarding VISA

Do you need a VISA to study Japanese?
You need to have a student VISA to study in Japan, however depending on where you are coming from, it is possible to visit Japan and stay for studying for a short term like 3 to 6 months without VISA.
Is it possible to change my tourist VISA to student VISA?
It is hard to change Visa.
When and where should I turn in my application?
Please refer to each courses’ description in our homepage regarding application.
How to apply

Graduate students

I need certificates for my grades and graduation. What should I do?
Please request by email. Fees for each certificates are below.
500 yen and postage for each graduation certificate
500 yen and postage for each grades certificate