General Long-term Courses

This course is recommended for students who wish to obtain student VISA and come to Japan to prepare to study in undergraduate/graduate school, college or vocational school and/or obtain a job in/out of Japan using Japanese language after graduation of this course. Those who wish to achieve JLPT level of N1 or N2 can benefit from this course. This course begins 3 times a year: April,July and October. There will be 4 classes a day from Monday to Friday, each class is 45 minutes long, total of 3 hours a day.

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General Short-term Courses

This is a course for those who are already in Japan working or studying in university or vocational school and wish to gain more skill in Japanese language. This is also a good course for those who are in Japan on working holiday visa. You can start your course as short as one month. You can take a small group lessons 2 or 3 times a week or arrange your very own private one on one lesson with a teacher, and/or join a class that run every day for 3 hours with other foreign students.

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Summer Course

Summer course is a special short-term course held in summer to learn Japanese and experience life and culture in Japan.

Currently, this summer course is not held due to COVID-19.

Online lessons

Lessons using online applications like Zoom. You can order online lessons privately with a teacher or with friends or in a group. We will arrange your lesson program according to your needs.

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