Those who need student’s visas…..

If you don’t have a VISA to stay in Japan, you will have to apply for a VISA.

If you wish to apply for our course, please contact us below link.

Application for admission download ▶︎PDF ▶︎EXCEL
Application Deadline
April start course From August 1st through October 20
October start course From February 1st through April 20th

Application Documents

1. Application Form (Must be filled by an applicant) ▶︎PDF ▶︎EXCEL
2. Copy of graduation certificate from school your last attended
3. Grade certificate from school you last attended
4. Proof of JLPT N5 or above and/or proof of hours you studied Japanese language
5. 8 facial ID pictures of size 4x3cm taken within 3 months
6. Proofs of ability to pay tuition
7. Proof of Bank Balance of a Financial Supporter
8. Letter of Paying Expenses Form (Financial Support Form) ▶︎PDF ▶︎EXCEL
9. Proof of Employment (of a Financial Supporter)
10. Income proof from last 3 years (of a Financial Supporter)
11. Certificate to prove the relationship of an applicant and his/her financial supporter or Certificate of Family History
12. Reason for studying for Japan. ▶︎PDF ▶︎word

Note: Please consult our school since above required documents differ depending on your circumstances or on your country

Who to turn these documents and/or contact for questions?